Welcome to Claman

We Supply “the perfect fragrance and flavour for every product

At Claman, we believe that fragrance is beauty distilled and flavour is aroma defined.  Drop of the magnificent extracted from nature’s bounty to fill our senses. 
The core of our business is to harness the essence of a scent from its pure, natural form and translate that into luxurious olfactory combinations for use in a variety of fine fragrances, cosmetics, toiletries, skin care and household products.

The Promise

In our fast-paced world that adheres to the philosophy of the instant and the quick-fix, we take the road less travelled. 

We are determined to create products that are natural and wholesome and, therefore, richer. As Philippe Maubert, the president of Robertet puts it, Our need for the natural in our lives is more pronounced than ever, at every age. We prefer the quality of ‘real’, straightforward products that are alive, loaded with emotions and memories, and that are, above all, authentic.

Mission Statement

To strive for total customer satisfaction in the selection and delivery of high quality and brief specific fragrances and at all times remain committed to the nurturing of relationships with both customers and our sole principal, Robertet.

At Claman, our promise is to provide you with just that.