NEUTRAL ® = Double-Action = Fragrance + Malodour Neutralisation 

Malodour Counter-Action Technology

NEUTRAL ® is the fruition of Robertet’s Malodour Counteraction Technology. It is an active fragrance that provides immediate and long-lasting malodour neutralisation, while delicately fragrancing the air with an aromatic extract.

Most malodours are a mixture of the different classes of chemical molecules below: 

  • Sulphur compounds (ex : R-SH) – rotten eggs, rotten vegetables, urinous
  • Nitrogen compounds (ex : R-NH2) – fishy smells, tobacco smoke odour
  • Organic acids and aldehydes (ex : R-COOH , R-CH=O) – perspiration,  oily notes

Robertet’s research into malodour neutralization began in the early 1990’s. It was discovered accidentally that one of the Robertet fragrances was efficient in neutralizing the pungency of cat urine. Both the cat urine and the fragrance were subsequently analysed.

From this close molecular analysis, the Two Aldehydes Patent was created! The active fragrance is designed to neutralise the specific molecules responsible for unpleasant odours. The pairs of aldehydes have a synergistic effect to neutralise malodours and efficacy has been proven for a wide variety of common malodours, in both domestic and industrial environments. With each NEUTRAL ® product tailor-made to combat and eliminate specific malodours, there is an immediate improvement as the stench in abated and neutralised. The Two Aldehydes Patent also has a long-lasting effect on amines and mercaptans due to the chemical reactivity of the fragrance.