(INCI denomination: Rose (Rosa Damascena) distillate)

Natural Rose Ecoconcentrate is an innovation that optimises the preparation of Natural and Food Grade Rose flavoured water, as well as, fragrancing cosmetics. Because it is an ecoconcentrate, it too, is highly potent at very low levels. 

Stored in a well-filled container, at a maximum and constant temperature of 15°C, this product has the added advantage of keeping for 18 months. 

Natural Rose Ecoconcentrate boasts high credentials with an impeccable regulatory status: It conforms to IFRA’s 43rd amendment and all the components that make-up its constituation are EINECS and TSCA listed. It also conforms to the EEC Flavour Directive (nr 388 dated 22/8/88) and is on the GRAS List USA.

Natural Rose Ecoconcentrate has shown strong antibacterial activity.  Tested in vitro at the concentration of 0.1% and 0.2%, its activity, measured on the scale 0 (no activity) to 5 (total inhibition of the growth), gave the results detailed hereafter: